Head  Causal & Predictive Analytics AI Innovation Lab Novartis

Bulent Kiziltan Portrait

Advisory Council Member @Harvard Business Review

Global Panel @MIT Technology Review 

Formerly  Scientist @Harvard, MIT, UC, STScI

articles published in NeurIPS (bioRxiv) and Nature (arXiv)


black holes
intermediate mass black holes in globular clusters
neutron stars
neutron star mass distribution, period-spin down distribution, nuclear equation of states, neutron star evolution, maximum neutron star mass, saturation/critical density of matter
artificial intelligence, information theory & applied statistics
implementation of advanced applied statistics, information theory & artificial intelligence to astrophysical problems
millisecond pulsars
evolution, ages, period-spin down distribution of millisecond pulsars
globular clusters
dynamics of globular clusters, N-body simulations, pulsar evolution in clusters, pulsar accelerations
big data, machine learning & data science
implementation of data science to astrophysical problems


The Data Economy Podcast

A podcast for Redis, hosted by industry analyst Michael Krigsman on "Using AI and Data Science to Lead Advancements in Medicine". Listen to the podcast, or watch the youtube stream.


CXOTalk#4: conversations with top innovators

a conversation with industry analyst Michael Krigsman on data science and AI in pharma. Listen to the podcast, or watch the youtube stream.


Outcomes Rocket: AI in healthcare

a conversation with Saul Marquez on Outcomes Rocket on healthcare, AI, and the era of digital transformation. Listen to the podcast or on spotify.



great to be a part of the Ai4Healthcare conference and discuss how quickly AI is transforming healthcare.


most creative 50

wonderful to be considered among the most creative 50.


phone app for listening to pulsars

you can listen to the sounds of pulsars just by pointing your android smartphone to the sky. Download it from the Google Play store, and let me know what you think.


talk at Harvard-art museums

intro to the talk I gave at the Harvard-Art Museums. My pulsar symphony became a permanent piece for the digital display at the museum. Go and take a look.


CXOTalk2: managing data science

a conversation with industry analyst Michael Krigsman on managing and building data science teams. Listen to the podcast or watch the youtube stream.


Berkeley Haas

Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley machine learning panel.


outreach - news

MA House of Representatives

it was an honor to be recognized by the Massachusetts House of Representatives.


a pulsar symphony

what would the Galaxy sound like if pulsars were the main musical instrument and it would play Beethoven's 9th Symphony (An die Freude/Ode to Joy). The distribution and frequencies of pulsars in the animation are realistic. The flashes of pulsars have a relation to their kinetic energies. Have a listen.


interview about life in space

an interview with al-JazeeraTurk (Turkish). Press link, video link.


COSPAR conference session 

a session on the "evolution of millisecond pulsars" at the 41st scientific assembly to be held in Istanbul, 2016 (cancelled).


smithsonian podcast on pulsars

a conversation with Smithsonian Institution about pulsars and my pulsar app pulsar sound. Tune in!


european business AI and robotics executives summit

"Creating value with AI, building and managing data science teams for maximum business impact"


Managing AI and data science: Practical lessons from big pharma

ZDNet: "A top AI leader from Novartis shares his advice on how to lead an AI team. He discusses AI in drug discovery, but the challenges and solutions are applicable to every business leader."



our connection to the cosmos

my TEDx talk at the TEDxFulbright event held in Cambridge in April 2012.


my PhD thesis

get the book or kindle version on amazon, or download it from here.



documentary about my life and the cosmos (broadcast on Turkish National TV in Feb 2016, Turkish). 


outreach conversations with K12 students

I have a network of wonderful colleagues who are thrilled to interact with K-12 students. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have cosmic questions! We are happy to have a conversation with the next generation of scientists. Click here to watch one of the talks streamed live (with Q&A) in Turkey to hundreds of high schools nationwide.


CXOTalk: conversations with top innovators

a conversation with industry analyst Michael Krigsman on data science in healthcare and astrophysics. Listen to the podcast or watch the youtube stream.


CXOTalk3: data science in pharma

a conversation with industry analyst Michael Krigsman on data science in pharma. Listen to the podcast or watch the youtube stream.


Developments in AI for Pharma

AI4: "In this panel, hear from pharma leaders about their use cases of AI and where they expect AI to deliver value moving forward."


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